O Level Physics and Chemistry Double Subjects Customised Program

Teaching Approach

Fundamental Level

Go easy and steady. This teaching approach aims at students with weaker foundation. Fundamental concepts and basic problem solving skills need to be learned before going for higher level.

Progressing Level

This approach will be aiming at students equip with moderate strong foundation who are aiming for A1 end results. Certain topics will be crossing into A level standard in order to fully understand the underlying principles. Vigorous practises come along the way as well.

Advance Level

This is basically an A level course tailored for IP or students who show deep interest and capable in handling the subject well. They wish to learn advance even before gaining entry into JC or IB.

Frequently asked questions

The subject of Physics and Chemistry will be taught in alternate weeks, 2 lessons (2 hours per session ) covered for each subject in a month. Not every students are born to be inclined towards Physics and Chemistry, hence teaching approach is structured into 3 main categories.  Namely Fundamental pace for very weak students, Progressing pace for most students and Advanced pace for gifted or IP students, thus customised program for each individual needs. Even though your child is not in IP stream schools but If he/she shows strong interest in further learning, advance pace will be recommended.   Topics forcused , crystal clear teaching with higher level questions as illustration make this program a great success. Popular among students and strongly backed by parents. 2 subjects teaching at 1 affordable fee. If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

Double subjects teaching arises from market demands (parents’ request) ” My child has no time and energy to attend multiple tuition classes ” is often what I heard from them. The long school hours and extra curriculum activities already filled up most of their schedule.  They wish there would be someone out there for multiple subjects consultation, balancing their school grades and available limited time.

Certainly! Mr Michal’s track record has always being at least 95% A and B. Kindly please check out Achieves section. To teach both subjects concurrently indeed is a very challenging task. You need to be very familar  with the current syllabus content, able to deliver major key concepts and practising with students within the limited available time in class. All these require immerse lesson planing time, outstanding knowledge and experience. Yet Mr Michal is able to do it all and do it right!   Let’s leverage on Mr Michal’s time, effort and expertise to achieve the A1 that you are aiming for. He has proven blueprints that work for you.

He opts for both. Traveling island wide to your residence for 1 to 1 coaching or your child can join in his group tuition. Either way his lesson is conducted at a very personal level, all attention focus on your child in order to achieve maximum result in the shortest time possible. You have options.

Group Lesson Physics and Chemistry, once per week, 2h per session – $300 net per month

  1. There will be no additional charges in certain months where there are 5 lesson weeks. Goodwill from Mr Michal.
  2. No registration, material and cancellation fees. In the event of quitting, please provide 2 weeks of advance notice.
  3. Fees are collected in the first week of the month either by cash, cheque or through internet banking.                                          

For 1 to 1 tutoring, please call as Mr Michal would like to share more with you in private.

Double subjects customised program offers time and cost saving learning route towards your A1.  Contact Us

O Level Pure Physics and Chemistry Course Layout

The best customised program roll out for sec 3 and 4 students preparing for coming O Level exam. Physics and Chemistry both subjects are been taught concurrently, freeing up students’ precious time. Tailored for pure and combine science students specifically.

Sec 3        Tuesday          5-7 pm

Sec 4        Saturday         1-3 pm

Sec 3       Saturday       11 am -1 pm

Sec 4       Friday             3-5 pm


A/ IB HL Level Physics

A Level H2 Physics Course Layout

For 1-1 or group tuition, please call for rates and available schedule.  Contact Us