“Immerse passionate committment dedicated to each individual's growth .”

Hi Michal thank you so much for coaching Shereen to this extend! Appreciate your dedication, the extra time and effort u have put in for her to get such good result for the past 2 years in Ajax which we will never forget!
Michal Chua

My Journey

Mr Michal Chua is the professional tutor for PhysicsChemistry.com. He has been teaching for 17 years. With his vast experience and dynamic teaching, he is able to successfully equip his students with the technique and knowledge to score. His records for ‘O’ and ‘A’ level  have always been at least 95% ‘A’s and ‘B’s.

A tutor with passion, Mr Michal has the flexibility to teach either Physics or Chemistry. He can teach both subjects, thus freeing up time for students and saving cost for parents. To your surprise, he can even teach Advance and Higher level Mathematics.

He is one of the rare tutors who is a mastery to all 3 subjects; Chemistry, Physics, and H2  Maths for all levels. If requested, he can coach all 3 subjects. Most of his students continue to follow up with him from secondary 4. All his achievement can be seen in his  testimonials. 

Mr Michal might be one of the pioneer tutors who incorporates Physics experiment into  his lessons. He feels that experiment not only enhance his students’ understanding of concept, but also prepare them for their Supervised Practical Assessment (SPA) which contribute overall 20% in ‘O’ level Physics. He wants to ensure his students are able to do well in both theory and SPA. 

Being a caring tutor,he builds a good ripple with his students. With the trust he gains from both students and parents, they seek advises from him even after graduation. With his achievements and dedications, he has been highly recommended by many parents and students. 

Mr Michal conducts one to one private and group tuitions. For 1 to 1 lesson, coaching of the subjects can be conducted at the convenience of the student’s place. Practical lesson will be brought, at an ease, to the students’ doorstep. For group lesson, the size will be kept small to ensure detailed attention to all students. Lessons can be conducted either at the students’ place or at the tutor’s house.

Mr Michal graduated from NTU with an honors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He started out as an engineer and went into contract teaching. It was then, he fell in love with teaching and decided to settle down as a full time tutor. He always feels the joy in sharing his knowledge with his students. The achievements of his students always make him proud.

Mr Michal came from a very humble background. He was just a student from neighbourhood secondary school. However he was always up for challenges. During his secondary years, he had to cope with 2 CCAs and the responsibility of a school councillor. With no external help,he had to acquire his knowledge all by himself. Through his hardwork, he managed to do well during his ‘O’ level and went into AJC. His independent learning and humble background allows him to think at the ‘same frequency’ as his students.

Thus Mr Michal is always ready to conduct his lesson in a fun and interesting way. Not only he could simplify a difficult concept for easy understanding, he could also raise the intellect of a student. He even brought his Physics lesson to life by incorporating experiments. Application of knowledge in real life is important as well. As an ex-engineer, Mr Michal can relate the usefulness of concept learnt into the real world.

During his years of teaching, he has achieved great success with his students. As a passionate teacher who is always giving care, encouragement and trust, he certainly has a personal charisma that earned him respect and love from both students and parents. He has great deal of teaching experience ranging from normal academic (NA), express, integrated program (IP), international baccalaureate (IB) to A level. 

There was once when his ex student faced difficulty in two maths module during his university course, NTU second year Mechanical Engineering. Mr Michal accepted the challenge to coach him. In return, this student got an A and B in his modules respectively. More comments from his students and parents can be viewed in the Testimonials section.

Sage advice… That is what you will receive if Mr Michal decides to be your tutor. Time and again consistently Mr Michal has drawn upon his knowledge and experience to deliver calm, cool and collected insights that just make perfect sense. Direction that when implemented delivers immediate and dramatic results. Michal has been part of a journey with many students who had since gained entry into top junior colleges and prestige universities. View testimonials If you are action-oriented and want to accelerate your success, this is the man to help.


The Teaching Secret I Used on Secondary and JC Students That Got Them to Say “Yes.”

This secret never, ever fails to work when it’s done properly. Details below.

Let me tell you a short story.

As you may know, dopamine is the chemical in the brain associated with rewards.

It’s existed for millions of years. Dolphins, rats, humans-all mammals—are influenced by dopamine.

In fact, it’s the driving force behind our desires. Gambling, shopping, and overeating all trigger dopamine.

Go on a shopping spree: dopamine.

Buy a snazzy new car: dopamine.

Smoke cigarettes: dopamine.

Play computer games: dopamine.

All of these raise dopamine levels.

You get a bigger blast of dopamine by eating fatty, high calorie foods than green vegetables. You may believe you crave chocolate, but what you really crave is your dopamine surge.

You are hard wired this way. So am I. We ALL are.

Here’s the crucial twist you must be aware of: Dopamine levels rise in anticipation of an experience-not during the experience itself.

Numerous studies have proven this:

In one study, researchers at MIT and Stanford strapped volunteers to an fMRI machine and showed them photos of products. Before and after brain scans showed that, when shoppers saw something they wanted, a flood of dopamine lit up the reward centre of the brain like a Christmas tree.

In another study, researchers in the UK discovered that levels of dopamine rise sharply just by window-shopping.

A UCLA professor puts it this way, “We explore a new store. We look for new items on the shelf. We experience that novelty that gives us the sense of excitement, but we also anticipate a positive outcome. We anticipate getting something that we are really going to enjoy.”

Better-Than-Expected Rewards Trigger Dopamine, Too.Picture this: you put money into a vending machine because you want a Mars bar. You expect only one, but the machine dispenses two Mars bars by accident.

This surprising reward spikes dopamine, too, but in a much more impacting way.

Neuroscientists at Cambridge University conducted an interesting study on monkeys. They flashed a light, and then, squirted apple juice into a monkey’s mouth.

At first, neurons didn’t get excited until the juice was delivered. However, once the monkey learnt that the light precedes the juice, the same neurons began firing at the sight of the light, because they anticipated the reward.

Here’s the kicker: if the monkey received an unexpected reward—such as the juice arriving without warning—then, the dopamine neurons got extremely excited. In fact, according to the head researcher, “A reward that’s unpredictable typically counts three or four times as much.”

Get that? An unexpected reward boosts dopamine levels by up to 400%. Amazing!

Dr. Greg Burns, Professor of Neuroeconomics, sums it up perfectly:

“How do you get more blood flowing in the brain? Novelty. A raft of brain-imaging experiments has demonstrated that novel events are highly effective at releasing dopamine. Your brain is stimulated by surprise…”

How I Really Got their grades up

Now that you understand the surprising role hormones play in getting people to respond, let me reveal what I really did to break through their psychological barrier and punch up their grades.

It’s surprisingly simple.

When you win, your body release dopamine and testosterone. Both are hormones that push you to do more. Once you start to win, you will always crave more winning. This is how you get started. Win. Win a contest, win followers, win (score) a test your teacher handed to you.