Physics and Chemistry Results | Successful Achievements - At Least 95% A and B

Merrill had been doing well since O Level. With a strong foundation, he continued his A level pursuit in ACJC. The journey with Merrill is a memorable one with the Quantum probes, harmonic quests etc that i will be bombarded weekly when met up. A very inquisite learner who proof no barriers can stop him in advancing to become a doctor. Well done Merrill !

 The scholarship holder, house captain, cross country school colours awarder certainly has no time to waste when come to academic tutoring. He choose  Mr Michal as he is able to teach both Chemistry and Maths effectively, freeing him more time for others curriculum achievement. 4 Years with Gideon is really a joy. ” Your time as a caterpillar has expired.Your wings are ready”. Catch you up Gideon in UK soon.

VS has this program whereby all boys will need to stay in their boarding school for a term (10 weeks) to inculcate independent self reliant. I have to visit Wei Yuan and conduct lesson in the boarding hall’s canteen. That is a very unique experience for both of us. Packed with great wisdom and dynamic drive, Wei Yuan has done well in his O Level as shown in his physics and chemistry results and I expect him to continue to do so in VJC.

6 Years journey with Sarah has left a very deep footprint in my teaching career. 4 subjects namely Physics, Chemistry, A and E Maths were taught in Cedar secondary days and H2 Physics continued in VJC. Aspired to become a lawyer , she diligently worked towards her goal and it is no means by chance she came to it. A very resilient, great intelligent hardworking girl will once again proof herself to become an outstanding lawyer in times to come. I am truly proud of you Sarah !   

When I first met Bryan in his IB Year 4, he was struggling with his Physics and chemistry results. What surprised me was he could follow and throughly understand the concept that i taught him in that first session. ( Thought he will be lost) Subsequent lessons led me discovered that he had a photographic memory and I began to tap on it. Weekly quizzes, memory tasks and routine schedule pratices (not your usual 10 year series) were set for him. He took all in gracefully and even went the extra miles to do more on his own. He earned himself an A in both Physics and Chemistry. We continued another 2 years journey in ACSI IB5 and 6 in Mathematics before he graduated. Good job Bryan. 

Wei En should be one of the rare student who I came across. In sec 3 his quest for both Chemistry and Physics Knowledge was immerse and I had to go deep into A level  topics in order to make him convinced on certain principles .  His acute sense of observation and hunger for more knowledge always landed him top in class and even school level in both physics and chemistry results. Eventually he was posted to TJC to continue his A Level.

(Did I mention Wei Yuan from VJC is his brother)

I was with Claire 4 years down the road. Coming from Singapore Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School, she started with some difficulties with Chemistry in sec 3. The complicated chemical formulas and vary reactions seems to intimate her.  We started off dealing with that and in no time she was back on track enjoying chemistry throughly.  After O level, she went over to MLC in Melbourne to continue her Victoria Certificate Education, analoguos to our GCE A Level. I was very happy to learn that she continued to take Chemistry. I felt honour able to continue tutoring her whenever she returned back to Singapore during vocation break. Back with a strong determination, she hauled over another barrier and succeded enrolling into Melbourne University. I feel proud of you Claire ! 

Ernest from CJC should be one of the ‘last minute’ student who I got introduced to. With just 5 months closing in to A level, we had a lot to catch up in his H2 Physics. I took quite a time focusing in some major topical topics (both J1 and 2) in which you have no means to pass without mastery them before diving into 10 years series (yearly) 5 weeks before A Level.  Ernest being a very calm student uses his last ounce of energy and take everything under his stride.  Step by Step, bit by bit you finally earned yourself a B. Well done Ernest. You have impressed me totally !



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